The Rescue (Chapter 2)


Timber was a no show in Flint. That eventuality was certainly a disappointment, but not a surprise to the four Yankees who took the charter plane World Wonders sent to fly them to Flint for a two hour photo op at a community church. Three of those Yankees however, were prepared for this eventuality.  

“So plan B?” Dylan Cooper asked Remy and Scott as they exited the Triumph Church where the water giveaway had just taken place.

“Plan B.” Remy nodded determinedly. “Let’s go hunt us down the missing Timberlain”

It was at that point that Pete Puckett joined them, as they headed for the car World Wonders had sent to ferry them to and from the airport. “So I guess Queen Timberlain just sent us a big fuck you,” he complained to his teammates.

“Look Puck,” Remy tried to deescalate the situation. “We came; we gave some people some water; we got their cause some attention. Let’s just leave it go at that. We don’t even know that Timber knows we’re here. You take the charter plane back. We’re going to stay here for a bit.”

“Here?” Puck snorted at that absurdity. “In Flint?”

“We’re going to get a rental car at the airport and drive down to Wixom, where Timber lives. It’s less than an hour from here,” Remy told him.

“And if I take the plane how are you getting home?” Puck replied.

“We’ll grab a commercial flight back.” Remy assured him.

“The Sunday before Christmas?” Puck scoffed.

“Yeah, well we’re big boys, we’ll be fine,” Coop answered.

No one spoke as the car pulled up and the driver, a young man in his early twenties sprung out to get open the door for the players.

“Kid.” Puck gestured the driver over. “Andy, wasn’t it? You work for World Wonders, Andy?”

“Well, I’m an intern there.”

“An intern. Meaning they don’t pay you?”

“Right, Andy admitted. “But I’m hoping they’ll hire me at the end of my time.”

“This a rental car?” Puck Pressed.

“Yes, sir.” The driver responded.

“You supposed to turn it in at the airport when you take us back?”

“That’s what I was told.” Andy affirmed.

“OK.” Puck told him as he dug out his wallet. “We’re going to do that for you.” He dug out five hundred dollar bills and pressed them into the young intern’s hand. “Can you get yourself home ok? One of the other World Wonders people give you a ride?”

“Sure, I suppose” Andy began, visibly worried of what he should do in the face of Puck’s demand, “but I’m supposed to…”

“You’ll be fine,” Puck assured him. “Just let the charter pilot know we’ll be a little later than planned and if anyone gives you any trouble, you tell them we’re friends of the owner. He turned to his fellow Yankees. “Gentleman. He gestured to the car. “Let’s not keep our princess waiting.”

Remy, Scott, and Coop exchanged a “what the hell” look.

“You want to go with us?” Remy asked.

“Why not?” Puck answered. “You know, before she was with Lilley, she was with me.”

“That’s just BS, Puck.” Scott jumped in. “I was there the night they met.”

“Right.” Puck agreed. “Metzger’s wedding, and she was maid of honor. I asked her to dance and brought her back to our table to meet the guys, and Jordan totally snaked her.”

“Snaked her.” Scott objected. “He didn’t snake her, you had one dance.”

“We had three dances, and she was sitting next to me at the table, and Lilley knew that. I got up to do the catch the garter thing, and when I came back she’s got her bare feet in his crotch and he’s massaging them like he owns her.”

“Ha!” Scott erupted at that memory. “Yeah, old Jordie used to do great with that. He used to say when women get all dressed up, you can plan on them having shoes that hurt their feet. You get near to the end of the evening, they’ll fall in love with any man who gets them out of their shoes.”

“That’s exactly right,” Puck agreed. “Lilley was babe hound, just like you Avila, and that’s how he came on to her, like she was someone to take home for the night.”

“Whereas you only wanted to go home with her to watch Netflix,” Scott retorted.

“I liked her.” Puck insisted. “I thought she was beautiful, and funny, and ten times smarter than me, and I was trying to make a connection, til Lilley decided to charm the panties off of her.”

“Puck,” Coop sighed. “This is all old news. Timber didn’t go home with Jordan that night. I know that for a fact because I was his designated driver and he crashed on my sofa. So whatever you think he did to undercut your play, it didn’t work. He called her up a week later. They fell in love and got married. Get over it.”

“Lilley never ‘fell in love’ with Timber.” Puck objected. “He only called her after he found out how much money she was worth. She was his trophy wife. If he loved her he wouldn’t have boffed every piece of fan fluff who shook her tits at him on the road. ”

“Puck.” Coop shook his head. “Maybe Jordan wasn’t perfect. But they loved each other. We saw it up close. It was the real deal. And the man’s dead now, so what does it matter?”

“It matters if maybe she’s thinking now that she made the wrong choice.” Puck replied.

“And what does that mean?” Remy demanded. “That you came here to hit on her?”

“I’m here for the same reason as you,” Puck said evenly. “If it was Timber asking me to come, I didn’t want to let her down. So let’s go see if the lady is at home. We’re burning daylight.”

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