If Vaginas Could Bite

If vaginas had teeth,

Then men would be wary,

Before taking their fists,

To the women they marry.


Men might start caring,

About what’s in her head,

Not just the ways,

To get into her bed.


Inconsiderate lovers,

Would suddenly worry,

Is this how you like it?

No hurry. No hurry.


We wouldn’t need rape laws,

Any man who would try,

Would find nothing left,

To zip into his fly.


And pedophiles would not,

Dare think to linger,

Knowing a child,

Could bite off his finger.


Clitorectomies would be,

A thing of the past,

The first man to try one,

Would be the dead last.


And male politicians,

Might leave ours alone,

With a toothy vagina,

Waiting at home.


We’d have better men,

If they faced every night,

An up or down verdict,

by vaginas that bite.

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