Towel Road

True story –

      A few months back I wrote a column about the 22-year-old gay kid (Yes I’m old enough that 22 year olds are kids to me, mayor or not.) who ran for mayor of Holyoke Massachusetts. The story got linked to a number of other websites, including a gay blog called (I thought) Towel Road, which used my name in their piece on Morse. I puzzled over that name at the time, wondering what “Towel Road” might be a reference to.

I thought about asking David, who owns the blog, (I call him the Blog Father) what it meant. He’s usually very patient with my lack of gay-specific knowledge, or computer-specific knowledge, now that I think about it, and hasn’t laughed at me yet. But I had just had to ask him what “highly cited” meant, when he sent me a tweet to say congratulations my Morse article was “Highly cited by Google!” and there was this other recent faux-pas where I wrote Chaz Bono had “changed” instead of “transitioned”, and I figured I had used up my dumb blond quotient for the month.

So I do what I like to do best in life. I got high and pondered it. I went to the website, half expecting to see naked guys in towels, and was just a bit disappointed to find a regulation news blog. So in the end, I decided “Towel Road” was probably some historic reference to the pre-AIDS days when gay men met for sex in bathhouses. Hey, you got a better explanation?

Fast forward to The New Civil Rights Movement being one of five blogs nominated for a GLAAD award. (And here’s another problem, I think GLAAD stands for Gay and Lesbians Against Defamation – but I’m clueless on the second “A”) Of course I’m curious as to who the competition is, so I decide to check them out.

Mombian is niche market, for lesbian mothers. Rod 2.0 is the African American side of gay life, light on news and heavy on entertainment. The real competition seemed to be the Bilerico Project, which has a lot of content, but they use the writers’ photos to mark each story headline. Our Blog Father finds some great artwork to highlight our headlines. I think that may give us an edge.

Then there is the fifth blog in the hunt, and you guessed it, it’s Towel Road, so I click on the link to have another look at them. It was hard to draw a good bead on Towel Road because most of the front page was previews of Super Bowl ads. They did have a photo of the winning entry for the design of an HIV memorial park they are building in New York. I hadn’t seen that anywhere else. And as I’m looking over who writes for them, I realize, it not “Towel” it’s “Towle”. It’s the guy’s name. The Towle Road Blog Father.

They really shouldn’t let me out without a keeper.

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