Twas The Fight Before Christmas


 Twas the week Before Christmas,

And all through the nation,

The people were stirring,

With growing frustration.

The stockings were empty,

And the chimneys were dank,

Any hopes for St Nicholas,

Foreclosed by the bank.


The owners had begged the banks,

“Please save our homes!

Like we saved all your assets,

When you needed a loan.”


But banks hiked their account fees,

And no help was proffered,

While they paid themselves bonuses,

From replenished coffers.

So people turned to DC,

With their pleas for relief,

But found no help at all,

Just a kick to the teeth.

“We know you want jobs,

And we want them for you,

But our opponents obstruct,

So there’s naught we can do.”

Then the Supremes opened up

A spigot of cash,

And the pols snatched it up,

Unashamed, unabashed.


The lobbies lobbed money,

And the pols did their bidding,

Represent John Q Public?

Just whom are they kidding?


“I support full employment,

But upon much reflection,

I find Job One must be,

My own reelection.”


 Pols gave millionaires tax breaks,

But kept low minimum pay.

Lied our children to war.

Sent our jobs to Bombay.

 They vacationed and golfed,

They suntanned and boozed,

They gerrymandered districts

So they just couldn’t lose.


They busted the unions,

Restricted the vote.

Spent our Social Security,

And left us the note.


Pols claimed “Lobbyist can’t buy us!”

So pompous, so certain.

“Pay no attention

To what’s behind K Street’s curtain”.

When up from Zucotti Park

Arose such a clatter,

Even journalists began to ask,

What was the matter?


We’re “We The People”,

They’re one percent, dammit!

We’re not leaving here,

Til they’ve unfucked the planet.


Pols harangued them with insults,

Called them smelly and lazy,

Called them unpatriotic,

Said they had to be crazy.


The cops hit and hosed them,

They were gassed in the face.

But if one was arrested,

Two more took his place.


The more they harassed them,

The more Occupy grew, 

From Oakland, to Boston,

To Kalamazoo.


They occupied Wall Street,

And town squares and parks,

The occupied campuses,

And touched all our hearts.


Soon citizens began to

Join in the dissent.

This is OUR America,

Which we CAN reinvent.


To be the Home of the free,

We must be Home of the Fair,

Justice, equality,

Each paying our share.


We can help one another,

Save our jobs, and our homes.

We’re much stronger together,

Than when we each stand alone.


So while Wall Street had Christmas

Of silver and gold,

True Christmas was found on

A sign held in the cold.


It said “Peace on Earth”,

It said “Goodwill toward men”.

And we shall persevere,

Til we become what we’ve been.

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