I have been surprised that even with all the post-Bin Laden news coverage, no one has taken a fresh look at the Ray Davis incident. Davis was the CIA agent who killed two Pakistanis and then claimed diplomatic immunity? I’m sure you recall, he was held by Pakistan in a Lahore prison for weeks, until the US made a financial settlement with the relatives of the men he killed.

     Knowing what we know now, it is not unreasonable to wonder if  Agent Davis was in Pakistan because of the Bin Laden surveillance. So what’s his story?  Why did he kill two Pakistani men at a time the CIA was certainly trying to keep a low profile in Pakistan? How did the killings, and Davis being imprisoned impact the Bin Laden op?
   At a minimum there must have been some amount of time after the Davis arrest that the US didn’t know if the Bin Laden surveillance had been compromised. Were they worried Davis might be subject to harsh interrogation and break? Was there a contingency plan if they felt he had given it up? (If I were writing the plot as a novel, I’d have Davis threatened to out the operation to the Pakistan ISI if the US didn’t get him out.) Don’t you think with the benefit of hindsight, it would be interesting to know who visited him in prison? I wonder if/how Davis was able to get information through with the Pakistanis presumably listening in?
   Even more interesting, who were the people Davis killed? He said they were muggers, a charge the families seemed to indignantly protest, and I never heard any report of prior arrests for the two that would have tended to substantiate that claim. Since we paid off their relatives, it seems unlikely they were wanted al-Qaeda members that crossed Davis’ path. But what if they were ordinary guys who happened to “make” the surveillance. Perhaps Davis killed them to keep them from warning Bin Laden?
The more I think about how this Davis story might fit in to the larger narrative, the more interesting the questions get. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know. By now Ray Davis probably has some other white bread name and is back in the shadows where “wet work” is supposed to stay.
But it sure is a curious episode……….
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One Response to SPY STORY?

  1. Sonoma Madman says:

    oh, the US has SO many cia agents and operations going in pakistan all the time, no reason to think this has anything to do w/ obl. might, might not, but probably not.

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