Twas the week before Christmas

And America’s mood

Had slipped out of “Grumpy”

And settle in “Rude”.


The stockings kids hung,

Had holes that were mended.

Moms couldn’t buy new

Til the recession had ended.


There had been an election.

We voted for jobs.

But instead we got tax cuts

For rich greedy snobs. 


The Right was high fiving,

All smug in their caucus,

The bragging and gloating

Was borderline raucus.


Their plan was to borrow,

Since China was lending,

Til the debt grew so large,

We’d have to cut spending.


Social Security?

We’re soon going to stiff you.

But if you should die,

You can now take it with you


And sick first responders?

So sorry you wheeze,

But we can’t be responsible

For each cough and sneeze.


Bernie Sanders was livid,

He took over the floor,

And for nine grueling hours

He championed the poor.


We need hot lunch and pre-school

We need college loans

We need heart pills for Nana

And low income homes.


But the White House gave in,

Though with little enjoyment,

And agreed to a bill

That would save Unemployment


Bill Clinton played Wing-Man,

Declaring the facts will,

Prove he did not have sex

With that tax bill.


The Left screamed “Unfair!”

To that kettle of worms,

It’s “Grab on to your ankles”

In Rush Limbaugh terms.


“There’s good in this bill”

Obama cajoled them,

And when Reid called the vote,

He completely controlled them.


And hoping that this

Was as low as they’d stoop,

Reid brought up the bill

That would fund all the troops.


Surely they’d vote

To sustain Bush’s wars.

It’s their favorite thing,

Next to Jesus and whores.


But McCain was obsessing,

About gays in the Service.

They’ll be asking, and telling!

The whole thing made him nervous.


He rumbled and grumbled

With such venomous vigor

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Was just this side of rigor.


Til  Pelosi finagled

A resuscitation.

A stand alone bill vote

Before Christmas vacation.


The House bill was passed

And despite McCain’s zeal,

The Senate decided

They’d vote to repeal


Had the spirit of Christmas

Wormed into their heart?

Would they fund first responders?

Would they ratify START?


Will they cease being Grinches?

The McConnells and Boehners?

Tell the Tea Party “Sorry”

Stand up to their donors?


Will they see compromise,

Always beats chanting “Nope”

Will they abandon the Tea Party?

Embrace Barack’s hope?


Will they pass immigration?

Will they pass energy?

For sure the new congress

Will be must see TV.

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  1. Penny Reed says:

    Awesome!!! Now that is the Christmas Spirit.

  2. Very well-done! I’m glad you posted the poem in blog form as well–easier to read and share than the tweets.

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