Today President Obama stood before the nation and said he didn’t think you could find a single Democrat who thought the country wasn’t moving in the direction he promised during the campaign. Is there anyone else who wanted to jump up and say; “Here I am, Mr. President.”? Because, here I am, Mr. President, a lifelong Democrat who worked for your election, who reveled in your inauguration, who argued for you, who defended you, who LOVED you Mr. President. Me. I am looking you in he eye and I am saying “Mr. President, I think the country has not moved significantly in the right direction”.

Let’s start with Peace. I’m a child of the Vietnam years. Peace is always my first criteria. We are out of Iraq. Thank you. But has the war in Afghanistan grown larger or smaller since you have become Commander in Chief? Are there more or fewer Predator attacks? (And let’s all stop for a moment and think about the name they gave that weapon.) Are there more or fewer innocent Pakistanis killed? More fewer Afghan civilians injured? More or fewer US sons and daughters dying? More or fewer US dollars being spent? More or fewer US dollars being stolen by corrupt Afghan leaders we are propping up?

So moving on, let’s take the Justice System. Did you move our country away from torture by bringing it into the light and prosecuting offenders? Or did you enshrine water boarding as precedent giving some future president the ability to order it done, just like President Bush did? Did you allow the Canadian citizen wrongly renditioned to Syria the ability to redress his grievances in court? Or did you send our Justice Department to argue that his complaint should not be allowed? http://www.acslaw.org/node/16360

Did you, a Professor of Constitutional Law, promote the concept of no punishment without due process promised by the Fifth Amendment? Or did you take for yourself the power to assassinate even US citizens on your say so alone? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/world/middleeast/07yemen.html

Is Guantanamo Bay closed? I must have missed the announcement.

Did you reaffirm the US Justice system by bringing terrorist cases in Federal Courts for the whole world to see?

Did you allow the Court decision ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to stand, the way Schwarzenegger did for Prop 8 in California? Or did you have your lawyers appeal? Did you for a moment consider that the Courts ending DADT as unconstitutional would be better than the legislature ending it? The Courts would make it a right, outside the reach of lawmakers. A law ending DADT means gay people still serve or not at the whim of congress.

Did you bring us a Health Care Plan that would give peace of mind to every citizen? Do people now feel, even if they don’t know the details, that they will be able to find medical help when they needed it? Or did you add to the angst of the struggling worker by making him a lawbreaker if he doesn’t have insurance?

And now, today, you bring us the piece de resistance. Have you moved us away from the Bush fiscal policies that have brought us to this fragile economic state? Or did you take your last days of a Democrat House, a Democrat Senate, and a Democrat White House to embrace two more years of Bushenomics?

Mr. President, as you shower borrowed money on those who already have more than enough, please ask yourself; Is the disparity between the uber rich and the working class shrinking or growing?

 So here I am Mr. President. I am waving my arms. I am shouting. I am sending up flares. I am shooting off fireworks. Why can’t you see us? 

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