The BP Game

          Have you noticed that the only things BP tries are meant to reclaim the oil, not shut down the leak? They have talked about this "junk shot" of tire chunks and golf balls, but it’s always off in the future. If not publicly pressured, they’ll wait for their relief wells, eco damage be damned.  

       And have you wondered where the heck Homeland Security is? No statement? What is their contingency plan for if a terrorist attack had done this sort of damage, and why can’t we implement that?

      And the Defense Dept. No statement again. Do they not have an explosive expert to tell us if he thinks a well placed torpedo could seal the hole? Silence.

      And FEMA? Where the heck are they?

     Meanwhile BP has an obviously well rehearsed PR offensive in effect. Tell us there’s this tenuous plan to stop the leak sometime in the future. A plan that sounds so desperate, no one is going to beg they do it sooner. Tell us the leak is smaller than it is. Be vague. Say the damage is "modest" and stall for time. The lawyers can figure out later how to mitigate their financial responsibility for all the damage. They’re probably feeling pretty good about their chances at that, with a law capping their responsibility on the books.

     And that’s my rant for today. I wish Obama would put down his violin and take stock of the fire.

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