Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Twas the fight before Christmas,

And all through the Senate,

The Republicans dithered,

From Ensign to Bennett.

The Dems were lined up

Behind Harry Reid’s bill,

Seemed even Joe Lieberman

Had decided to chill.

Then Senator Nelson

Announced he was in,

At least for the moment

It looked like a win!

But out on the airways

FOX News spouted treacle,

And McConnell forewarned

The American people.

The Tea parties ranted

On bright misspelled signs

About rationing service,

and dying in line.

But back at the White House

Obama and Rahm

Refused to weigh in,

they were keeping things calm.

Just get us a bill,

Don’t worry about traitors,

If we pass something now,

We can fix it up later.

Mary Landreiu got money

For her home, the Big Easy.

While all Ben Nelson worries

Were between women’s kneesies.

Joe Lieberman wanted

To get himself noticed.

So he did all he could

To disrespect POTUS.

Howard Dean began lobbing

Verbal grenades.

“You’re giving us lemons!

And screw lemonade!”

Cons spent months attacking,

While Libs had defended,

But now it was time,

For debate to be ended.

While Santa filled stockings,

With his usual ho ho-ing,

Cons gathered in the cloakroom

To practice no no-ing.

We wouldn’t be voting

At one in the morn,

If we had a good bill,

They announced with deep scorn.

But at last it was time

For the vote to be taken.

I’ll watch with martinis,

Stirred and not shaken.

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