I have a suggestion for a way to use the stimulus to not only create jobs, but help the Health Care Reform bill pass. As an added bonus, it would put the Republicans in a box at the same time. I beg our representatives in Washington to consider this: Use the stimulus to build and equip a new state of the art health care center in every single congressional district in the country.

     The benefits are many both long and short term:

     1. JOBS. Not only construction jobs, but sales, manufacturing, shipping, purchasing, installation and repair jobs for the suppliers of everything from beds to linens to X-Ray machines to cotton balls.

     2. HEALTH CARE REFORM. These new medical centers are a foil against the "rationing" argument. Citizens can see in THEIR area that there is a plan to absorb all the new people who will suddenly be in the system. Couple the construction with tuition grants to retrain workers in the health care field for twice the return of citizen approval.

     3. POLITICALLY. How does a congressman vote against a health care clinic in his own district? Isn’t that the kind of "pork" they live for? If they dare oppose it, what better issue is there to challenge him with next election?

     I also would remind you that long term these facilities will not be "free clinics". When everyone has heath care coverage, they can be sold or leased to corporations who would run them for profit.Hence, blunting the "socialist" argument. These would be an asset to every community in America – the Obamacare Centers.

     I beg you to think about this. The more you consider the possibilities, the better it gets.

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